Sunday, November 8, 2009

Aye yo god we in Jersey

Quick status update on the trip. Ridiculous schedule so far the drive alone was about 20 hours with only a hand full of stops. Then the first day consisted of a live airbrushing at Lord & Taylor. Which led into tattoo-a-rama, a 10PM to 9AM tattoo session. And to add to a already failing brain a trip into the city. Soho is stupid dope all the shops and the freshest lunch at Rice. We start the pilgrimage back Monday so till then heres some flics.

The Lincoln Tunnel I thought we were going to get pulled over for this photo.

The set up for the Lord & Taylor event.

Most of the crew aka my "entourage".
Straight after the Lord & Taylor event the tattoo session began the start of a very long night.

6 AM shot of the most tired man in the room.

No sleep needed to jump straight into the city.

One of the dopest shops in Soho.

"Best Buy" of the trip.

The street of Kings- MSG.

I'll see you in Miami.

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