Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mural part of a Street Art Lecture in the M.O.C.A. Museum in Miami

Its funny how your dreams can all come true, sometimes they come package not as you expected.
Growing up as a child aspiring to be an artist. I always dreamed of two things. 
1 to be in a book
2 to be in a museum
I went to Dillard a performing arts high school. Then off to F.I.T. in New York were I then transfered to New World School of the Arts in Miami. The funny thing is graffiti which is the one thing that people would tell me isn't Art has giving me the opportunity to be publish in Magazines, Books, and now part of a Miami Street Art lecture held in The Miami Museum of Contemporary Art.
Never Give Up Your Dreams!!!!
Special thanks to Brandon Opalka

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