Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Florida Sleeve!

Inner Arm with a State City seal that I modernized by adding a yacht,
and instead of an Indian with opt;for a girl in a Bikini !

This is the top of the arm front of bicep. 
The Florida panther rest in the Ditch. "Ouch"! 
You can also see the body of the snake coming in and out!

This is the tattoo that started the sleeve.
The South Coast  over Florida Tattoo!!
Snakehead slivering out from around the sawgrass!

This is the back of the arm,the tricep.
What's more everglades than an alligator
trying to eat a Florida crane.

Detail of the Panther right after tattooed!!
Stay tuned for updates soon!!

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  1. yo how much did that cost or how many hours?